Wireframe Tool

Time to build a tool.

After using a decent wireframe tool on a project, one that’s ColdFusion based, Rebar, I’ve decided I have an itch to scratch. I think I could build a better wireframe. Rebar works alright for its purposes, but it’s kind of limited, it doesn’t really lend itself to a bit more representation which is good and bad. On a lot of wireframes you want to focus on the navigation and the content which a spare wireframe serves pretty well. But when the tool won’t even let you represent common layout formats or simple html forms it feels a little limited. I do like the file based system, since it takes out the hassle of having a particular database to worry about. I’ll probably do it with Struts and simple java io, or possibly the new NIO package.

Oh definitions first–wireframes are simple HTML mockups of a site. They don’t have the real look and feel of the final web site, and the focus is just to flesh out the web site in advance of any actual coding