Just a little swelling

It’s been a long few days. While on a trip to my friend Joe and Ghen’s wedding in Toronto I realized I had a lump on the right side of my throat. The last time I found a lump on the other side was in March of 2000 while working all night to redo the corporate website for At first we thought it was just a branchial cleft cyst. My mom has a lot of cysts, all of them benign so far so it seemed reasonable. Only after the surgery to remove it did I learn it contained cancer, more specifically Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

I remember the experience pretty vividly, as I was scared to death yet strangely confident that I could beat it along with the stats that 80%+ in my stage were treatable with no relapse. The oncologist confirmed it was likely cancer again. I have a PET scan to confirm that suspicion. I’m still scared and worried about my girls. I really love watching them grow up and I don’t want to miss anything. It’s the waiting not knowing what the ensuing battle will be which sucks at this point.

I can’t even share the experience with anyone but Micki at this point, so this blog will remain hidden until I know more. I’m worried a lot more than I’m willing to admit to anyone at this point.