Biopsy Today

Small Things

Tomorrow is the biopsy, so no more food tonight. I have that drilled in, no food past midnight. Anyway I finally spent spent some time researching the part that worries me the most about my upcoming treatment, unless of course I get really lucky and the biopsy shows something besides cancer–bone marrow transplant. Of course I read about it during the first occurence, but it seemed like a fairly distant possiblity. Anyway according to the article I might even be able to swing an outpatient transplant, which would really rock. So it shouldn’t be as bad as my mind keeps imagining.

We talked to our oldest daughter tonight. Luckily for our little three month old she’ll just ask questions many years later about Daddy’s hair or lack of. Anyway she seemed slightly interested as we explained I had cancer, and that I had to take powerful medicine for it. She seemed more interested in washing hands and being in charge of Daddy’s water bottle, for I am a notoriously bad drinker of plain water. So naivete is bliss in this case.