Chemo Treatment #1

One down, three to go

Well all in all, the first treatment in the hospital with RICE wasn’t too bad. I felt a little woozy when they first set up the IVs, and the low grade naseau is back, but not too bad. One of the medications takes a full 24 hours to go in, and you have to go to the bathroom a lot due to the fluid intake and also since leaving it in your bladder can cause bleeding. My urine smells funny and has to be flushed twice to get rid of remenants since it’s toxic.

Got the best news so far though that the tumor on my right neck is almost gone. The doctor isn’t sure there’s anything left except for biopsy scar tissue. Well tomorrow it’s back to work.

My family has been great, I’ve talked to my Mom every day. My mother in law has been filling in as babysitter, cook, and house cleaner gratefully so my wife can spend time with me. And Kassie came up the hospital Wednesday, and she was a bit worried about all the hoses. Then we played on my bed going up and down and raising and lowering and she got over an uneasiness.

5 months or so and this should all be behind us. Need to plan a big Disneyland celebration actually.