Final Journey

T-6 days

Only 6 days to go until I head into the hospital. I feeling pretty good right now in the nauseau is almost completely gone. Unfortunately I aquired a cold on Sunday so I’m sniffiling and taking a lot of sudafed. The doctors and nurses assure me the cold shouldn’t make a difference. Everything’s still on schedule.

The stem cell collection went swimmingly. It only took 1 day of collection, which is basically sitting in a chair hooked up a rather large machine to get twice as much stem cells as they’ll need. Everyone tells me thats a good sign, I can produce a lot of stem cells which comes in handy after the last nuking with chemo when I’m in the hospital. Apparently the average collection is 2.7 days.

Micki informed my that my nephew Zak, who’s 4, was very upset when he saw a picture of me with no hair. His mom had told him about the cancer and that I was sick a few times, but it didn’t really sink in for him. It’s hard to explain these things to 4 year olds. I still wonder how worried Kassie really is, she looked at me with big saucer brown eyes while they changed the bandages on my PICC line today at the infusion center. I think she worries a lot more than she lets on. Still she played the waving game hiding behind the nurse and waving as she changed the bandages.

And I saw ‘The Incredibles’ over the weekend, very nice to see a movie and be out again. Unfortunately it was a little to intense for Kassie, she’s been having nightmares about it sense. Sometimes experiments don’t work out for parents.

I’m just really looking forward to having the whole episode behind me soon.