Last Day of Freedom

Going In

Tomorrow is D-Day. I’ll be checking into the hospital tomorrow to undergo the stem cell transplant. I’m ready for it, the waiting has gotten old. This is probably the biggest physical challenge I’ll undergo this lifetime, though I could attempt a marathon. It’s mostly a matter of staying positive and charging through. Right now I’m completely ready, that will probably change after a few days of chemo.

I have one major focus, internet access. I’m going to bug the heck out of the staff to setup my internet access. I picked up an iSight camera and we already have an iBot at home so Kassie and Molly can say goodnight to me every night. Feel free to ping me if you see me online, I may not answer right away, but I’ll try.

So wish me good luck out there. If you want a preview of what I’m about to do try this site.