Day 10

My stem cells are back

I slept most of the day they reinfused my stem cells. It’s a little bit of a non-event it only takes ten minutes. Today has been better, but I stil nap a lot. They’re a bit worried about by bloody noses, but I had millions of bloody noses as a kid so I’m not so concerned. I can eat again, basically a simple diet of Special K, warm 7-UP, spaghetti, PBandJ, and the occassional ice cream. Given the time I have left I can make it.

My White Blood Cells spiked down to 0.1 on a good scale of 4-11 today so I’m all setup for my old stem cells to takeover. Sorta scary tough knowing how easily it is to be infected.

On a high note I got a round little box from the Gibbscrew memebers with a spanking new iPod. It’s engraved “Eddie’s iPod Get Well Soon! Oww!” which I’m taking as a cameo refernce.

Things have reached a bit of a routine, Kassie is making a short trip over after school, because she misses her Dad. Mom is here in the morning and afternoon. And Micki brings over dinner late and hangs out. Nice to have a safety net.