Joe and Tom and Scum visited today. It’s nice to see family and friends. We had a good time and played our way through a game of Munchkin which Tom eventually won. For some reason Tom also had an itching for Jack in the Box (as I call it Jack in the Crack) which they got lost finding for lunch. And they like good uncles they brought presents for their nieces Molly and Kassie.

I’m feeling really good. About the only pain I experience anymore is when the nurses doing my port cleans pull a little to hard on the lines. And the whole port comes out in the next week or two probably. Tomorrow my Mom comes in for the grandma swap off. They’ve been great throughout the ordeal.

Looking back on the year its been a lot different then expected. I found pretty much my ideal job at EDFUND managing software developers for a non-profit company, Molly showed up a little early as a bundle of joy, and all the Gibbs brothers got together for Joe and Ghen’s wedding. Then of course the cancer relapse, RICE cycles, and the stem cell transplant. I realize I spent 29 days in the hospital, almost an entire month in the last 3 months. I’m very, very glad to have survived everything intact and be happily back in remission. Cancer though is a bitch. As I ring in the new year I look forward to a lot of things.

  • Finishing the stem cell transplant and going back to work
  • Micki finishing the BAR
  • Molly’s first birthday
  • A trip to the redwoods in March/April
  • A Gibbsmen trip.
  • A new niece or nephew to be a fun uncle too
  • My birthday Jan 31
  • GT winning the Final Four (well I can hope)
  • Many more exciting adventures