Comment Spammers

As many well know the old internet of my college days and before was based upon mass sharing and everyone assumed for the best. I still pretty much adhere to that formula, but I’ve had to turn off my comments on this blog because of spammers. In fact I had to dig through some PHP to turn off all entry points to comments. Some Russian spammers kept adding random comments which were just links to gambling sites. Too bad really, but better than allowing it. At one point I had over 3000+ comments.

On the cancer front today was a good day. I haven’t even had a nap yet, I went for a 50 minute walk after two straight days of missing it, and I talked to a very old dear friend from 6th grade of all places who’s doing well and glad to here I’m well on the way to being completely mended. For those who pay attention my WBC as of yesterday was 2.1, my hemoglobin is 10.0, and my platelets are 82. So it’s all still outside the normal range, but the doctor said to go ahead and schedule to get my port out. Boy, I won’t miss that thing, and back to normal showers.