The End

I got to hug Molly today finally!

Well today the catheter came out. Turned out to be pretty minor other than the surgeon getting pretty annoyed they had the wrong size scapel, an 11 instead of a size 10. It took the nurse 10 minutes to get the new one and the doctor just stood there fuming.

Anyway the great news is after my doctor’s appointment this afternoon I’ve been released from all restrictions. I’m 90% of normal and I can hug Molly (which I’ve already done), go out to the movies, and even go into work. The kitties come home tomorrow which I’m sure they miss. Of course there’s still a few lingering things and Micki has to get through the BAR, but that’s pretty normal amount of activity for us.

I’ll have to do this formally so many times over, but thanks to everyone again out there for all the help over the cancer ordeal. And I promise as much as I can, I will never do this again.

Oh, and the blog may return more to it’s java/software focus over the next few weeks, but I’ll post occassionally still about the leftover cancer stuff, like PET scans and maybe even a little local radiation.