Back to Work

Half time today

I made it into the office today for the morning period. I did find out that they deactivate your badge after some period so I couldn’t actually get into the building at first. Anyway I spent the morning catching up with my staff, other managers, PMs, and QA testers. You end up explaining the bone marrow transplant stories a lot, but everyone was obviously pleased I was back.

So I put on a tie today and it actually felt good. Downside is Molly picked up a fever so after one day I find I’m not allowed to hold her again. Saturday is getting closer when I get to cut the last stich out. I’t the last foreign thing in my body and it will be nice to remove. Actually, my Mom, the nurse, will probably end up cutting out the last stich, more experience.

So a few last questions for the doctor that are dogging me a bit. One, how unusual was my speedy recovery since many of the nurses were surprised. Two, long term what it the percentage chance I”m cured, not so much the ‘really good’ or ‘pretty good’ responses I’ve gotten. Somehow from my physics background at Georgia Tech I just can’t quite quantify ‘really good’ into a percentage.