Management Anti-Patterns

How not to lead techies

Managing techies, geeks, rocket scientists, and software engineers is hard work and more of an art than a science. Still given the current techie focus on patterns or more importantly anti-patterns I’m prepared to share my delicately researched opinions on the anti-patterns of technical management. And I’m willing to ignore that fact that the bulk of my management experience is with techies and not other segments of society or the fact that I went to a die hard engineering school where I was informed more than once, “It’s not a UNIVERSITY, it’s an Institute of Technology.” My experience is universal darn it.

Over the next few months I plan to examine the many anti-patterns of technical management, many of which I’ve been guilty of invoking. I’ll look at anti-patterns from “Coding Manager” to “Business Requirements are for Business Analysts”.

For those of you who’ve been following my personal cancer battle, I’ve labeled myself a survivor again as I’m completely cured at this point. Thus I’m back to ranting about techie topics instead of how oncology doctors have trouble dealing in percentages when explaining your long term survival rates.