Searching for Java Development Podcasts

If anything I’ve gotten fairly addicted to RSS and more importantly podcasts in the last 6 months since a group of friends got me a 4th generation iPod while I was spending December in the Stem Cell Transplant unit of a local hospital. I now probably listen to 2 hours or so a day of audio, 1 hour on my morning walk and 1 hour of during the roundtrip commute.

One thing I’ve been searching for are decent development podcasts. I’ve found a fair amount at a site called IT Conversations, but only really run across one site by Tim Shadel that actually has java development podcasts. It would appear he’s run out of time or energy to continue them, but the 10 or so that are there are pretty good. My guess would be by this time next year there will be too many to listen to but for now the selection is really limited.