Weekly Developer Status Meetings

I don’t know how typical my status meetings are. I knew from attending numerous status meetings at past jobs what I didn’t like, long pointless reporting of status that everyone generally already knows. So here’s how mine go:

  • Scheduled for 30 minutes, but typically run 15 minutes.
  • Monday every week unless there’s a holiday in which case it’s not rescheduled.
  • A printed agenda handed out at the meeting, but not before.
  • Cover any management items that may affect the team from financials to consulting contracts. (My guess is I tend to cover more here than most care for)
  • Two or three items like training or upcoming projects.
  • Open up the end of the meeting for questions/comments. Usually this is short, but some weeks this takes up about 15 minutes, and it seems valuable even if it’s developers letting off steam about how insane it is to pay big money for the newest shiny tools and expect instant productivity improvements.
  • That’s it.