A Slightly Different View: The Polymorphic Podcast

I’ve been catching up with thePolymorphic Podcast. The host, Craig Shoemaker, puts on a development oriented show focused around .NET. At first I figured I’d just sample one show on Unit Testing, get an idea of whether NUnit is really any different. I figured it probably would be too .NET focused and not that interesting. As it turns out like many well rounded developers he’s more open minded about technologies even if he spends pretty much all his time doing .NET development.

It’s nice to see another former web designer make the transition to a solid software developer. I’m not sure I can claim to have ever been much of a web designer, but by the standards of ’94 and ’95 knowing the ins and outs of producing an animated gif with GifBuilder qualified you as a web guru practically.

Craig focuses on current techniques and tools such as unit testing, AJAX, and object to relational mappers. It was nice to learn during an interview that .NET developers are starting to look at design patterns and unit testing frameworks. There’s a realization that a book like Head First Design Patterns is really valuable even if all the example code is in java.

There’s some .NET specific content, I really don’t care how ASP.NET does URL rewriting for example, but in general the content and commentary more than makes up for it. Worth checking out if you like listening to development topics on your iPod.