Pain with XPlanner

While XPlanner looked like a good solution for my problem, reality intruded when I got a 2 hour window to play around with it. It requires MySQL and a servlet container (Tomcat). In about 90 minutes on Friday I got it up and running.

Today I tried to setup a sample project or two with iterations, user stories and tasks. All of that seems to work fine. The problem would be that I can’t actually add team members and assign them to a project, a fairly significant problem. I went with blaming it on myself, until I came across a very similar bug. Apparently the fix is that after adding users you sometimes need to restart Tomcat. Unfortunately that didn’t work for me and the bug isn’t listed as resolved.

Next step was to drop back a version and try it. Unfortunately, the same problem, I can’t assign a person to a team. Next try is pulling the snapshot down from the Subversion repository. Or maybe I just fall back to the old excel spreadsheet.