Slow Progress with TDD and Clover

As I’ve mentioned before our adoption of TDD is going slower than I would have anticipated. I’ve actually been religiously posting unit test counts on the wall of my cube for an entire Sprint now and we’ve gone from zero to 39 unit tests in that amount of time. Since that amounts to about a 10% unit test coverage in Clover we have a long way to go.

I don’t think the daily chart has done much to accelerate things, but now that the two developers on the project have a chance to catch their breath, I have seen that they’re paying a bit more attention to the clover reports especially the green bar. Now they’re saying they want to get to at least 50% on the reports and move the green bar up from it’s current lowly 10%. It’s even occurred to them that they can boost their percentage on Clover by setting a lot of properties in the beans. This isn’t exactly the outcome I want, but it does show they’re starting to think about how they can increase their unit testing coverage.

Similar to the short cycles of TDD itself, we’re starting to make those baby steps.