Certified ScrumMaster Training Day 2

After two days of ScrumMaster training with Ken Schwaber I’m now a certified ScrumMaster. The granting process also involves a secret handshake and greeting, which I’m not able to divulge here. The whole ‘certification’ is sort of an inside joke since Scrum is a very lightweight set of project management practices. I did learn though that out of 3000+ certified ScrumMasters that one ScrumMaster has been officially stripped of their certification for completely failing to protect their team, so it is possible to really blow it and get decertified.

I have 30+ pages of scribbled notes now to review. I met lots of really motivated people which is really a nice environment to go through in a training class. Most classes have a certain percentage of people who just really don’t want to be there, and their presence just brings down the whole class. I’d recommend the experience or at least Ken’s version wholeheartedly as worth the investment.