Squatting in a Conference Room

I think the honeymoon phase for our official Agile projects is over with. The signs are:

  • On our first agile project the team got two facing rows of cubicles and a large team meeting room setup just for them.
  • On the second pilot the team got mostly moved into the same general wing of one building, but the QA person is separated by about 4 cubes from everyone else as well as the PM. And the business analyst is only dedicated 80% and is in another building. (Maybe the other 20% is dedicated to walking back and forth between buildings.)
  • The third Agile pilot is about to start and so far no one has been collocated. I’m working with an admin and the ScrumMaster to find some space, but no one’s volunteering. I’m a little more than tempted to suggest something radical like simply commandeering and squatting in a conference room for the next few months. We’ll have to see if our culture is really ready for that. I have volunteered my office for the team meeting room if they end up in our wing of the building.

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