A Meeting Developers Don’t Hate

“No, really the standups worked, even with only 3 people they really helped everyone stay in sync.”

This was one one of my more sarcastic developers (sarcasm and software are so often synonymous) explaining that he actually saw value in standup meetings. Given a general hatred for meetings by your average developer it was nice to get some feedback that someone saw some value in them. I’ve noticed that I tend to have meetings on Tuesdays when the standups are scheduled and the team doesn’t tend to get together on their own and hold the meetings so I’d always taken that as partial evidence they didn’t completely buy into the standups.

So it was nice to hear someone specifically explain that they were valuable to them. I suspect they don’t happen if I’m filling in as the ScrumMaster because there’s still some deference to my management position. I actually don’t think having only 4 standups a week is a big detriment, but it’s always struck me that it does break the rhythm up a bit.

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