Scrum Queen

ScrumMaster isn’t exactly the sort of job description someone goes looking for. As I remember Ken Schwaber explained that the term was specifically chosen to be uncomfortable because the process of adopting Scrum sucks.

The term reminds me of DungeonMaster from the old D&D days or more recently Webmaster. I actually think my job title was Webmaster at at least one company. At another one I remember working with another developer who referred to himself as the Webmaster and occasionally to me as the WebSlave. Not that that irked me at all.

Anyway we now have a Scrum Queen for one of our projects. The converted PM has rugby jersey embroidered with Scrum Queen on the back courtesy of a developer. I have to say that team is starting to gel. It’s their first Sprint and they’re already jumping in and having fun, which is one of the sure signs things are working.

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