Bringing Down the Hammer to Nail TDD

Back a few weeks ago at SD West 2006 during a tutorial session on rSpec with Dave Astels a TDD discussion cropped up. It centered on how you introduce TDD to a development organization. Dave went on to relate a story with at least one client who took the top down management approach. Dave described him as a great technical manager for having the courage to force TDD on the developers. His approach was:

  • Move the whole team out to a new collocated team room.
  • Outfit the team with brand new equipment.
  • Brought in Dave to mentor/coach the team on TDD by doing a lot of pairing.
  • Mandated that all code was unit tested.
  • Mandated user stories and acceptance tests written into Fitnesse.

At the end of the project the whole team was doing TDD. Sounds like a great approach, and developers generally get the idea of TDD better if you can pair a guru like Dave up with everyone.

I tend to be a bit more of an incrementalist, but it definitely gives me some ideas.