Finally Tried Out ScrumWorks

I’ve been getting by with just Excel and a large cork board for tracking the one Scrum project I use. Still as a tool junkie and a hater of Excel in general I finally got around to trying out ScrumWorks.

So so far:

  • Download and install cycle is pretty short and it just worked including the WebStart client. I’m running it on my work laptop, and since I don’t like to weigh a team down updating tasks, I’m maintaining the Sprint backlog and tasks.
  • Entry of tasks and backlog items is fairly easy, though you have to right click a lot for add new. Much better than XPlanner’s multiple click interface.
  • The ability to move backlog items in and out of a Sprint and to drag and drop the order of items is really nice.
  • It calculates everything on real time which is a pain. Since I was entering data on a Sprint that was 8 days in, I have to wait until tomorrow to even get a data point since you can’t effectively go back in time. I guess they assume you’ll start the project with the tool, not try it out midway.
  • If its going to replace Excel I probably need some better looking export reports, or I’m going to have to try screen captures.

I’ll give it to at least the end of the current Sprint as a test.

3 responses to “Finally Tried Out ScrumWorks”

  1. Cory Foy says:

    Hi Ed,

    We also tried out ScrumWorks – seems like a good product, but we really fell in love with ProjectCards ( Of course, ProjectCards actually costs money, but since our customers are in VA (and us in MO), we’ve noticed a major increase in communicating the status more so than we found with Excel, XPlanner or ScrumWorks.


  2. Ed Gibbs says:

    I moved to almost purely physical corkboard tracking. I like ScrumWorks best out of the tools I tried. I’m sure I’ll go back to experimenting with tools being a junkie for them, but I’m trying to focus on other areas for a while.

  3. Hi — I’m one of the ScrumWorks developers and appreciate the feedback. Regarding the “sprint already in progress” issue, it’s now possible to backdate task effort estimates from the Sprint Detail View. Just click the “Show Estimate History” checkbox and edit the cells.

    We’ve also added an Ajaxy task board view, emulating a physical taskboard.

    ScrumWorks has been in constant development since its release in 2004. Please keep the feature requests coming! Just send them where we can see them: