Configuration problems with Ruby’s XmlSimple

I like Ruby gems, I can see the resemblance to Perl’s old CPAN idea. CPAN always drove me crazy since everything you pulled down then had say 8-10 more libraries that it required. Till this day I still avoid often avoid perl just because of the pain of constantly installing libraries to get simple things to work.

I ran into one of those too easy to go wrong type problems. Just two easy steps to use XmlSimple:

  1. 1
    sudo gem install xml-simple
  2. Run a ruby script with <div class="codecolorer-container text vibrant overflow-off" style="overflow:auto;white-space:nowrap;">
    require 'xmlsimple'

Two hours later I still get the same useless error that doesn’t really have any google hits:

`require': no such file to load -- xmlsimple