Recharging the Batteries

My personal recharging battery techniques, for those times when you just can’t stomach another article on the newest web framework.

  • Disconnect where reasonable. Sometimes on vacation this is pretty easy, but since you’re a bit burned out and still probably at work, concentrate on some of the non-technical aspects of your job that don’t get looked at enough.
  • Take a temporary ban on reading technical books, listening to podcasts, etc.
  • Play mindless games. I prefer to play mindless card games like Munchkin or Nuclear War with a group of friends, but since I don’t have that many old geek friends who still play these games nearby, a mindless video game will often suffice. Just not a mindless massive multi-player online game, because I have a dangerous propensity to get sucked into those.
  • Hang out more with the fam.
  • Remind yourself that some personal project can wait a week while you have some downtime.
  • Read a fiction book. I rarely read anything but technical books, given how much I try to keep up on, but sometimes it’s good to take a break and read some fiction.