Big Visible Charts

James Shore has a post on Informative Workspaces. He suggests using hand drawn charts and having everyone on the team update them where possible. Some of his ideas for charts include:

  • A chart showing pairing time.
  • A chart showing pairing combinations.
  • A team calendar.
  • A code coverage chart.
  • A chart of tests executed per second.
  • A chart of the lines of code in the system.
  • A chart of the age of the oldest open support request.
  • A chart of non-story work.
  • A chart of unavailable customer guesses.
  • A chart of customer and programer interactions.

We have yet to do any serious experimentation with pairing yet, so we haven’t used charts for that. We have used charts for the team calendar and code coverage. We’ve also used charts for number of unit tests and to track tasks. Reading this post gave me the idea that I need to try doing a hand-drawn chart of our code coverage. I tend to use a stock Clover print-out and I only occassionally change it. I really like the idea of the team owning the chart and updating as well. This does happen with the calendar and the task board, but I think it could be useful for some of these other charts.