Signaling the End of a Standup

Funny story when I got back from vacation. In my stead the tech lead was holding the standup meetings. He went around the room one of the days and finished up with everyone reporting in under fifteen minutes. At that point there was just silence in the room for about two solid minutes. Turns out everyone was waiting for my apparent catch phrase of, “Well, enjoy your lunch everyone.” Finally someone got the nerve to ask if the meeting was over, and everyone got a good laugh realizing the meeting had ended two minutes earlier. So you can establish a rhythm on the project with the smallest of items, even a throwaway line to signify the end of standup.

2 responses to “Signaling the End of a Standup”

  1. Your choice of words caught my attention: “The tech lead was holding the standup meetings.” Ideally, no one “holds” the standup. The team stands up at the appointed time and they talk to each other. There is no leader as such, and anyone can get the ball rolling.

    It might sound like a minor point, but it supports one of the most important facets of agile work: Collective ownership. When the team members wait for someone to “run” the standup, they naturally feel as if the project is somebody else’s problem.