Service in Small Shops

I finally got around to updating the Crucible beta today. Crucible is a code review tool from Cenqua. Everything went fine until I started it up whereupon one of the update sql scripts failed. I went ahead and found a post on the exact same problem in their forums and uploaded the related file. Just four hours later the updated fix file showed up on their forums.

And this is for a beta product you can’t even buy yet. If this had been a call into IBM about a Websphere portal issue it likely would have been a day or so to get a response and a good possibility that we’d never get a fix without figuring out a workaround ourselves. And for this we pay the big bucks.

Small shops are just typically better about service, and they typically really need their customers. And just as a disclaimer we have purchased Cenqua’s Clover product and an Enterprise license to IBM’s Websphere suite.