Ruby on Rails at a Java Users Group

For some reason our local java users group, SACJUG, wandered onto a discussion of Rails. As is not unusual in the .NET/Java camps Ruby and Rails are none to popular for some reason. The three reasons that got discussed were:

  • Sure Ruby on Rails works for small apps, but when you’re talking about large applications with 20+ domain objects it just doesn’t work/scale.
  • RubyC is just way to slow, and who wants to scale with hardware.
  • The Active Record patter isn’t really an ORM layer, and it just doesn’t jive well with domain driven design.

Ignorance of course is bliss as almost no one had tried out Rails and only a few had seen some demos. For me I never see the point of getting really defensive about new options outside the core language I happen to get paid for currently. I think I might need to sign up for a short Rails demo so at least they can see how nice the productivity gains are. Maybe find a way to show a quick load test as well.