CIO Magazine Selling SOA

Why SOA Is Good for CIOs

CIOs working with service oriented architecture are at the leading edge of their profession. They make more money, have bigger budgets, have more strategic impact and play a larger role in innovation.

— The State of the CIO Survey 2007, CIO Magazine Dec 2006

Just more self-reinforcing reasons to do SOA. It all comes down to the bottom line. If you’re pushing SOA as the CIO:

Average Compensation of CIOs Working With an SOA

  • $250,000

Average Compensation of CIOs Working Without an SOA

  • $159,000

My question is can you just brand whatever you’re currently doing as SOA. Then just deploy a web service or two and you’re a leading edge SOA shop? And if that works can you walk into the CEO and ask for a $100,000 raise?