Fitnesse an Impediment

A rather humorous exchange happened today at a standup:

Developer #1: Well, I worked on getting the Fitnesse tests working, but it turns out I have to use Shale Mock objects to fake all the stuff for JSF, so I'll be working on it again all day today to hopefully finish.

Developer #2: So, Fitnesse is an impediment.

The subtext is this is on a project with only a handful of unit tests at all. Of course it’s both in a portal and using JSF which makes setting up the context to test something like a JSF backing bean a major pain. Since they haven’t really had many tests much of the team doesn’t see that much of a point in spending the considerable effort to at least put in some sort of a test harness with Fitnesse tests.

I did point developer #1 in the direction of hooking Fitnesse up to the service layer which are just plain old POJOs. This should make the testing the business logic a lot easier. He really wanted to use Fitnesse to do an end to end test, but I explained that there was much more bang for the buck in hooking in below the view layer instead of trying to mimic it.