Scrum Handshake

Yes, Scrum does have a secret handshake, you can find out about it if you take one of the CSM courses. It’s a little bit of fun nothing all that serious. It also involves ‘woofing’ like a sheepdog. Apparently it’s ruffled the feathers of some ‘serious’ Agile practitioners, to the tune of 30+ messages on the Scrum Yahoo group. After seeing some of the debate Ken posted his thoughts:

You know, I think I’m really glad that I added something light such as a secret, encrypted handshake. It really seems to be a good way of weeding out people who don’t have a sense of humor and are, maybe, too serious about everything. Or, maybe, I expect too much from CSM’s. I think that the work we are undertaking is so serious and so hard that any way that we can inject levity is well worth the effort. I always thought that “woof” created some sense of camaraderie, but maybe I’m wrong.

If you’re not having fun at work, at least some of the time, it’s time to find a new job. It’s an ‘Agile’ lightweight process not a high ceremony, formal, always serious process.