Vertical Keyboard

I’ve yet to develop carpal tunnel injuries as a developer. I spend much of the day standing, walking around, talking to staff, and going to meetings. Not much time to spend hours on end at the keyboard without breaks.

One of my brothers who likes to experiment with different keyboards brought over his vertical keyboard this weekend to show us how it worked. He’s so impressed with it he’s bought one for home and one for work.

I only spent about 15 minutes with it, but I found it easy to use. Apparently touch typing works just as well with your hands tilted at 90 degrees. I was probably a few words per minute slower, but I assume that goes away with a little practice. The one change that clobbered me a few times was on the left the space bar produces spaces, but on the right side it’s a large backspace key. Anyway if you have carpal tunnel issues it might be worth taking a look at.