Adding Acceptance Tests

Tomorrow we’ll demonstrate Fitnesse tests for a complete 30 days of work to the whole team. We’ve piloted Fitnesse tests before for portions of a Sprint’s code, but never for an entire Sprint’s worth of work.

Our experience so far:

  • Some of the team is still having trouble understanding what Fitnesse is for. Responses have ranged from “OK, I think I get it,” to “We didn’t sign up for this.”
  • The developers have understood it best, but we’re championing automated acceptance tests.
  • QA has been easier to involve with writing tests, and they have helped add extra scenarios.
  • Business analysts are still taking a wait and see approach. They’re writing use cases for the first time. Fitnesse with its’ wiki type approach is still an additional input they may not be quite ready for.

I’m hopeful we’ll turn some heads tomorrow at the review.