Testing Legacy EJB Code

I’ve battled the EJB beast and come back scarred and wounded. I’ve tried many approaches and found none to satisfying.

First, there was hope with MockEJB, I got it working for some simple cases, but I got bogged down with more complicated test setups and dealing with intercepting EntityBean test methods.

Next came the idea […]

SOA Registry for Five Web Services

I actually see people putting the cart before the horse. They want to go out and buy a registry. I’ve actually talked to a really large company. “We just bought a registry, we spent a lot of money.” I said, “Great how many services are you gonna put in that registry?” “Well we have three […]

Javadoc Clutter

I once thought Javadoc was a great tool. I added an ant target for every project I built. Now it’s just clutter. I saw another example of the pain point of Javadoc again recently on an internal project that isn’t designed to ever be used as an API:

123456789/* * Returns Publisher when passed Id […]

ScrumMaster Removing Obstacles

I had a lingering issue resolving connection to an outside VPN and getting into a CVS repository for weeks. I’ve been on and off trying to get it resolved between typical management tasks. Today I mentioned it as an impediment in Scrum where I’ve volunteered to do some coding. By 1:30 in the afternoon the […]

Finding A Test Seam

Testing legacy code is tough. It was never designed for tests. The app uses EJBs including old fashioned entity beans. After spending some time trying to get a few tests written against a stateless session bean using MockEJB, I hit upon a new idea. Maybe I want to test at the Business Delegate layer and […]