Future of FIT/Fitnesse

We’re still using Fitnesse and its coming in quite handy for testing over 100 edits on some code we inherited. I still wonder how much it will catch on. Jeremey Miller has been thinking along the same lines:

Long term, all the testing gurus I know of seem to be driving towards scripting tests in Ruby and I’m thinking of moving in that direction in the future. I’ll still use Fit tests for set-based logic where it excels, but otherwise it just seems, I don’t know, clunky.

What do you guys think? Does Fit have a future, or is it just a little blip that’s never really going to take off?

I think FIT/Fitnesse gets a lot less use than your average JUnit framework, but the download numbers suggest Fitnesse is catching on:

  • fitnesse20070619.zip 2551
  • fitnesse20060719.zip 78608
  • fitnesse20050731.zip 17551

The numbers for the 2006 version show some real promise. Hopefully the idea of automating acceptance tests is becoming a more widespread practice.