Ugly Source Control Trees

My best experience with source control trees have been in shops that didn’t have them to start with. At that point you have a blank slate and you can do a reasonable job of organization. The ones where they used to have VSS and migrated into CVS and then Clearcase are generally just a mess. You have a lot of historical junk that’s poorly organized.

My current situation is messy:

  • The first source control system was VSS. Unfortunately a few projects are still stored there as there was not a wholesale migration.
  • Perforce was brought in next, but largely the organization was organic instead of organized. Despite being a commercial solution I’ve actually found Perforce to be a reasonable source control system.
  • Despite being deployed on a UNIX box many of the directories including top level directories include spaces. This causes a nasty issue with the Perforce plugin for Hudson where you can’t use the plugin because it refuses to escape a directory with spaces correctly.

Our eventual solution is to migrate to subversion or maybe even git. Unfortunately we have to live with the current pain for now.