Local Tmux Usage

My team finally convinced me the efficacy of using tmux locally even without doing remote pairing. I run quite a few sessions to organize my work at different times:

  • work (generally main vim window for the day job)
  • web (It’s web development so always running a web server)
  • login (A trick to keep the lame Cisco VPN client from kicking you off every 15 minutes)
  • qa (for running capybara tests primarily)
  • elixir (messing with elixir)
  • clojure (messing with Clojure)

During the work day I generally have web and work up and login and qa detached unless I need them. Then at home I detach everything and just use elixir or clojure. I don’t use a lot of windows for each session or panes, unless it makes sense say auto testing and code or code and REPL session. Generally I leave these sessions in place unless I have a rare reboot. Nothing world changing, but it’s just a bit better than my old way of keeping up a terminal with a bunch of tabs.