Rails Envy Podcast

It’s like Java Posse for Rails Developers only shorter, funnier, and tightly scripted.

The Rails Envy guys, Gregg and Jason, have put together a great podcast on current Rails news, packed it into 10 minute episodes and spiced it up with humor. You probably already know them from their parodies of the Mac […]

Definition of a Business Rule

Cote: Can you tell me what a business rule is Charles? Charles: I have no ide…a… It’s an if statement. Cote: Yeah!!

– Cote and Charles of the Drunk and Retired podcast. – Episode 85 Web 2.0 As A Cheeseburger.

Dropping the Daily Scrum

In a recent Agile Toolkit podcast interview with Alistair Cockburn he mentions a time where he was helping a team through a retrospective and he brought up a provocative idea:

12345678910111213<b>I was like, how do you like your daily standups.  There’s shuffling of feet and everyone’s looking down.  I asked how often do you do […]

At Least Two People Learning Haskell This Year

One thing’s for sure (for 2007) I’m learning Haskell. Yeah, that’s right Haskell. Why? I don’t know.

— Charles Lowell of the Drunk and Retired Podcast, Episode 78.

I knew I chose wisely when choosing Haskell.

Interviews on Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio is a fairly heady podcast on computing topics. I’ve left it on my list for a long time even if I end up skipping through the occasional episode that delves into too many details on Remoting or Model Driven Development. Lately though I’ve really enjoyed their turn towards more interviews with people […]