Interviews on Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio is a fairly heady podcast on computing topics. I’ve left it on my list for a long time even if I end up skipping through the occasional episode that delves into too many details on Remoting or Model Driven Development. Lately though I’ve really enjoyed their turn towards more interviews with people like Guy Steele working on a Fortran replacement or Werner Vogels of Amazon talking about massive scaling approaches. Might give it a try if you have some available listening time.

Kicking Off With A Press Release At Amazon

Listening to an interview on Software Engineering Radio with Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels, a novel idea to chartering a project was explained. At Amazon instead of the traditional project charter or having a team just start with playing around with new technology, they require as a first step that the team writes a press release for the new feature. That way the new features on Amazon always start out focusing on how to appeal to the user. I’ve been exposed to this before with Luke Hohmann’s Product Box game. Might be great idea to try one of our next projects.

Python 411 Podcast

One of the small podcast I’ve followed for at least a year now is Python 411. I haven’t actually coded in Python for years, but the host, Ron Stephens is just so excited about the topic that I still find I enjoy it. Passion is important.

My python story is simple, I picked it up around 1997 or 1998 specifically because Google was using it and I thought at the time they looked like a great company to work for. Unfortunately I never moved to the Bay area and pursued it before I had a whole family to consider. Professionally I used python for some customization work with Infoseek’s UltraSeek product.

The Agile Toolkit Podcast

It’s not the most updated technical podcast around, not the most polished sounding, and follows pretty much just an interview format, but I really like when the occasional new Agile Toolkit episode pops up. The host Bob Payne follows a simple format:

  • Attend a conference.
  • Corner as many good speakers as you can.
  • Get them to sit down for about 30 minutes and just talk.

Almost all the guests are from two conferences, Agile 2005 and No Fluff Just Stuff Northern Virgina 2006. The guests range from Bob Martin to Jared Richardson of Ship It!. I’m hoping Bob gets the chance to attend a few more conferences this year.