Cancer Blogs

Gutsy Fight

I just finished reading the cancer blog of Emma Candy, a 35 year old woman in England battling cancer. I recognize the sarcastic humor in her posts and her focus on the future, from my first bout with the disease. It helps to remind me how I’m facing the current possible relapse. If I end up having to do chemo again, I am so going to Disneyland real soon.

On a lighter note, I went to West’s birthday today. He’s four and one of the many C street kids. I spent about 30 minutes in a Blue’s Clues bounce house which Kassie just loved me for. I dropped my parents at the airport as well. Mom’s planning a celebration when this turns out to be a branchial cleft cyst.

Oh, the picture from the previous day’s post was sort of random. It’s from a overlook of a beach near Del Mar in San Diego where Kassie and I played while Micki was feeding Molly just before we made it to the beach this year.