A Bit Lonely

Mom’s gone home

Well it’s a bit lonely on the ward tonight. Micki just left to cover Kassie and Molly as they sleep and my Mom had to go back and take care of my Dad so he doesn’t go too stir crazy. The good news is I’m feeling pretty decent. Worst event of the day was vomiting up one of the meds.

So right now no fever, pretty perky engery levels, a mouth that has sores, but is still usable, a blood blister that finally broke above my catheoder and the ever present need to run to the bathroom dragging my pole every two hours.

Micki cheered me up a lot, I think she’s getting better sleep with Joan here helping. She got me to play putt-putt golf in the hallways and we worked halfway through a puzzle. She’s always been good at being a spark plug.

I said tonight to Kassie over the phone and I sorta lost it. I’m really sensing how much I miss seeing, holding, kissing, Kassie and Molly. Hopefully a few more days and the counts will be back up. I really need to get out of the cell.