A Little More Anecdotal Evidence of Low JSF Adoption

Matt Raible commented in a post on Wicket that:

In the past couple of months, I’ve spoke in front of 25+ Java developers on 4 different occasions to talk about web frameworks. I’ve asked those developers which frameworks they’ve used, or plan on using. Struts is still the most widely used, with WebWork and Tapestry the least used. Surprisingly, JSF seemed to be getting no traction among the the audiences I spoke to.

So without going looking for it I continue to see evidence that JSF isn’t exactly taking off. Not sure this just says that most IT shops are conservative on new tools, or JSF just isn’t quite ready for prime time. I’d guess the later, but I’ve only taken spent about 20 hours or so playing around with JSF, so I can’t really back that up.