SDO Best Practices

I just had to laugh at this one, after we were pointed to it by some consultants. They were explaining that SDO is the great new way to do object to relational mapping, a “best practice”, as they put it. Turns out in the only available book, a redbook, on the subject IBM points out how great they are because:

SDO is a powerful architecture that brings access to data closer to the Web application designer. SDO can be integrated with JSF pages and data access is generated into the page code Java classes. SDO can also be integrated with regular JSPs and access is performed through the tag library provided by SDO.

In other words you can essentially embed your data into your presentation layer. This is a great best practice commonly seen in frameworks like Coldfusion. IBM is quite the innovator. Maybe they meant this is a “best practice” for slick, quick demos to managers who haven’t coded in years.