Not Alone With Websphere/RAD Issues

It’s nice to know a big name consultant like Rick Hightower is struggling mightily with Websphere Portal and RAD 6 as well:

The loading process is a 15 page document of push this button, push that button, install this, stand on your head, fill out this dialog, sacrifice a goat, scroll this list, repeat, repeat, walk around your cube backwards seven times while chanting SOA.

The scary part here is we’re wondering about how we automate anything with the horrible wizard based deployment. Hopefully there’s a well documented work around.

Then Rick runs into the same solution we hear from our IBM Websphere Partner certified consultants. “Well we can file a trouble ticket with IBM.” Basically an admission of defeat.

I am told we can put in a ticket wtih IBM, which will take about a month to resolve.

And of course resolving some of these means the IBM helpdesk person just closes it as resolved without ever fixing anything. The joy is you pay a lot of money for all of this.