JSF Compared to a 7 Layer Burritto

Tim Shadel has a post entitled, JSF: The 7-Layer Burrito I Won’t Eat Again, and podcast on his experience with JSF. I’m guessing the 7 layer burrito comment refers to the 6 lifecycle phases in JSF. Anyway I’m eagerly awaiting to get to this podcast on my iTunes playlist. Tim’s vote on JSF after his team has used it for about a year, “Skip it.”

Our experience has been pretty mixed with JSF. We’ve had trouble finding decent books, trainers or resources despite the hype surrounding JSF. Out of six developers on our development teams that have actually used JSF on a project I get:

  • One positive vote.
  • Two less positive votes with a lot of caveats.
  • One neutral vote.
  • Two very negative votes.

If I had my choice I would still be adopting wait and see on JSF, but some consultants were pushing it so it became a non-functional requirement on some new projects. I think JSF may prove out, but it could just as easily go the way of EJB entity beans.

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