Business Making Better Decisions

Good business customers are a great resource. Today, at a Sprint review meeting, the product owner’s boss explained that she would really like another release planning exercise to determine when the team can deliver, but that she’s not holding anyone to a specific date. Then she followed up with something even better.

Well it turns out we’re going to make the second part of the system a lot simpler. We thought we needed the ability to do audits based on maybe twelve answers to a question. Turns out we’re at about 99% within standards on all our tasks and we don’t really get much out of asking detailed questions in the application. So we decided just to ask if it got done on time, or it didn’t. Just binary options. Therefore, there isn’t enough value in developing the more complex solution.

They get it, they really get it! This is one of the best payoffs you get out of Scrum, Lean, Agile. When you:

  • make development transparent
  • get regular feedback
  • keep asking the question, “Does this provide real value?”

You can dramatically reduce waste.