Monday Morning Team Meetings Suck

Monday morning team meetings at 9:00am suck even more. Fortunately after ten weeks of 9am team meetings I’m moving my team meetings back to Tuesday at 10am.

For would be managers who are thinking about running team meetings on a Monday, my advice would be–don’t. A few reasons:

  • Most people don’t show up to work Monday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. They will typically tune out much of what you’re saying.
  • I have to rush to prepare the agenda unless I was clever enough to put it together on Friday.
  • I haven’t had my weekly staff meeting with my boss so most corporate stuff will be at least a few days old.

My experience over the ten weeks was average attendance was maybe 75% instead of closer to 90%. Often this was because 9am is when about half of my staff typically shows up since they are dropping off kids at school and such. I got very few questions and people looked happy when the 30 minute meeting finished early. I often felt ill prepared because I had to rush my prep for the meeting. It just takes a little while to ease into the work week for most humans.

Now that our 10 week security training is over I’m looking forward to a nice Tuesday staff meeting.