MBA: Now, Later, Or Never

Dina, one of the creators of the project management podcast Controlling Chaos, is heading back to MBA school at age 42. Better yet, she’s planning on attending UC Davis MBA School which is currently the best available option in the Sacramento region. And best yet, she’s blogging the experience.

Her decision to go for it came down to:

I really like being a project manager and the company I work for is a super place to work. But I’m at the top of the pay scale and top position for a project manager. There is no where else for me to go unless I want to move into a functional manager role. Upward mobility and taking on more responsibilities, decision making authority, being a part of driving the strategic direction of a company, and yes, more salary is very important to me. Not going to happen in my current position.

I’m rooting for her to get a good GMAT score for selfish reasons, to see what MBA school at UC Davis is like.

My wait and see thinking from a year ago still holds:

  • Fully engaged as a development manager.
  • We’re still paying off my wife’s law school loans.
  • I need time to spend with my two daughters.

Good to know I’m not crazy for still considering an MBA at 37.