JSF to Focus on Ease of Development Without Tools for 2.0

When we started Faces 1.0 it was very important for us to work with tools, that’s where a lot of our focus was. But now, we really want to focus on ease of development without tools.

– Roger Kitain

– Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems

– Talk at Javapolis on Dynamic Applications With Faces and AJAX

A more enlightened approach focuses on ease of development. Our developers spend next to no time in the drag and drop tooling of JSF plugins, but various JSF pains like dealing with spotty error reporting from the 6 phase life cycle have consumed hundreds of hours of valuable time.

Apparently they’re going to focus on AJAX in the 2.0 spec as well. We’ve gone ahead and used AJAX Anywhere over the past year.

The really unfortunate part is JSF 2.0 is still in just getting started and since Websphere doesn’t have J2EE 1.5 support yet we can’t move up to even JSF 1.2.